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25 Risks Of Hiring A Private Investigator

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Hiring a private investigator may seem straightforward; however, many factors must be considered, particularly regarding the risks involved. A professional investigator can offer invaluable services such as finding evidence in child custody cases, tracking missing persons or conducting thorough background investigations. However, a wrong private investigator can create more problems than they solve. Here, we delve into 25 potential risks when hiring a private investigator, especially in Singapore.

1. Violation Of Privacy Laws

An untrained or careless private investigator might overstep boundaries, leading to a violation of privacy laws like the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). The ramifications of such breaches can be significant, potentially affecting both the client and the investigator. In addition to legal penalties, these violations can damage the client’s personal and professional reputation. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that the investigator you hire understands and adheres strictly to privacy laws, whether carrying out a background investigation or tracking a person of interest.

2. Breaching Confidentiality

Another risk when hiring unlicensed private investigators is the potential breach of confidentiality. Private investigators often deal with sensitive information that requires discretion. 

If an investigator doesn’t maintain strict confidentiality, it could lead to dire consequences, such as harm to the client’s reputation or even legal action. Ensuring the investigator you hire upholds professional confidentiality standards and can be trusted with sensitive information is essential.

3. Unprofessional Conduct

Hiring a private investigator who lacks professionalism can be a significant risk. Unprofessional conduct can range from unkept promises to missed deadlines or even misrepresentation of information. These issues could damage your case and affect your personal and professional reputation. 

Therefore, it is critical to do a thorough background investigation on the investigator you are considering, including checking reviews and references to ensure they maintain a high standard of professionalism.

4. Inadequate Background Checks

Engaging unlicensed private investigators who fail to conduct thorough background checks can lead to incomplete or inaccurate findings. A complete background investigation is essential to any private investigation and often forms the cornerstone of the case. Missing or incorrect information could lead to wrong conclusions and jeopardise the success of your inquiry.

5. Financial Strain

Many private investigators charge high fees for their services. It is essential to understand the full cost of hiring a private investigator in Singapore, including all potential extra charges, to avoid unexpected financial strain. Not having clarity on these costs could lead to financial difficulties and added stress to an already challenging situation.

6. Misuse Of Surveillance Equipment

Surveillance is vital for many private investigators, but its misuse can infringe on privacy rights and result in legal complications. Unlicensed private investigators may lack the proper training in using surveillance equipment, leading to privacy breaches. In extreme cases, this can even result in criminal charges against the investigator and the client.

7. Poor Quality Of Evidence Gathering

The quality of evidence gathered in an investigation is crucial. If a private investigator does not correctly gather and handle evidence, it may not be admissible in court, rendering the investigation futile. Poorly gathered evidence can lead to lost cases, wasted money, and additional stress.

8. Falsely Accused Situations

Hiring the wrong private investigator can increase the risk of being falsely accused of criminal activity. This can happen when investigators take on a case without proper professional oversight or fail to gather evidence correctly. Such accusations can damage reputations and have serious legal consequences.

9. Legal Ramifications In Child Custody Investigations

Child custody investigations require a delicate and professional approach. Any mistakes by the investigator can have severe consequences. If the court views the investigator’s actions as intrusive or illegal, it can negatively impact the case outcome, leading to the loss of physical or legal custody.

10. Risk Of Physical Harm

Private investigators often work in unpredictable and potentially dangerous situations. There’s a risk of physical harm to the investigator, particularly in cases involving criminal activity or hostile subjects. The client could find themselves in legal and financial trouble.

11. Breach Of Contract

Unlicensed private investigators might not respect the terms of the contract, leading to legal and financial complications for the client. It’s crucial to ensure that the investigator you hire is reliable and will adhere to the agreed-upon terms of the contract.

12. Manipulation Of Evidence

There’s a risk that an unscrupulous private investigator could manipulate evidence to fit a particular narrative, leading to a miscarriage of justice and damaging consequences for the client. The integrity of evidence is crucial in any investigation, so ensure you hire a trustworthy and professional PI.

13. Entrapment Scenarios

Some private investigators might resort to creating entrapment scenarios to gather evidence. However, this practice is unethical and illegal in many jurisdictions. Evidence obtained through entrapment is generally inadmissible in court and can lead to legal complications for the client.

14. False Reporting

An investigator could provide false reports, leading to wrong decisions based on inaccurate information. False reporting jeopardises the investigation and can lead to legal issues if incorrect information is used in court proceedings.

15. Inadequate Training And Experience

Private investigators require a unique set of skills and extensive training. Hiring an investigator who lacks proper training and experience can result in poor-quality investigations and wasted resources.

16. Unethical Practices

Unprofessional private investigators can use unethical practices such as blackmail, coercion, or illegal surveillance. These practices can lead to legal issues, harm the client’s reputation, and jeopardise the case.

17. Misrepresentation Of Credentials

Some private investigators may misrepresent their credentials, experience, or capabilities to secure a job. This can lead to substandard work, legal issues, and damage to the client’s case or reputation.

18. Lack Of Insurance

If a private investigator lacks insurance, any damages or issues arising during the investigation could burden the client financially. Always ensure your private investigator has proper insurance coverage so you don’t spend huge out-of-pocket costs.

19. Conflict Of Interest

There could be a risk of a conflict of interest if the investigator has any personal or professional connection to the subject of the investigation. This could compromise the impartiality and effectiveness of the investigation.

For instance, if a private investigator commences an inappropriate relationship with their client in a child custody case, coercing witnesses to ensure the child custody investigation favours their client is possible. Though rare, this is one of the risks of hiring a private investigator, especially an unprofessional and unlicensed one.

20. Identity Theft

Handing over personal information to an untrustworthy investigator could expose clients to identity theft risk. It’s essential to ensure the investigator you hire has a clean track record and practices strict information security.

21. Damage To Relationships

In cases involving personal relationships, such as infidelity investigations or child custody cases, a poorly managed investigation could lead to irreparable damage to relationships.

22. Emotional Distress

The investigation process can be distressing for clients, mainly if it involves sensitive issues. An insensitive or unprofessional investigator can exacerbate this distress.

23. Unreliable Testimony

A private investigator’s testimony can play a pivotal role in the outcome of many cases. In situations involving child custody cases, fraud, or other legal disputes, the professional opinion and the evidence the investigator provides can carry significant weight in court. If the investigator is unprofessional or lacks credibility, their testimony might not be reliable or even admissible in court.

When an investigator’s testimony is considered unreliable, it can have far-reaching consequences. The investment into private investigative services may be a waste for the client. 

Additionally, the case might not resolve in their favour, potentially leading to losses beyond financial ones. These could include loss of child custody, personal or professional reputation damages, or even legal penalties in certain cases.

24. Infiltration Risks

Infiltration risks present a significant concern during private investigations. If the subject realises they are under surveillance, it can compromise the entire operation, making it difficult to gather the necessary evidence. Further, it can lead to aggressive or dangerous situations, jeopardising both the investigator’s safety and the client’s privacy. 

Therefore, hiring a professional investigator who can subtly and effectively carry out the task while avoiding detection is essential. Their experience and training will ensure they employ the best strategies and use appropriate surveillance equipment to avoid detection and ensure the investigation’s successful completion.

25. Legal Implications Of Child Support Payments Investigation

There are profound legal implications when private investigators are hired to find hidden assets in child support cases. Improper or illegal methods to uncover these assets can result in legal action against the investigator and the client. 

Moreover, it can negatively affect the outcome of the child support case. Hence, hiring licensed investigators experienced in asset location is crucial, ensuring they adhere to legal methods throughout the investigation.

Conclusion On The Risks Of Hiring A Private Investigator

Throughout this article, we have covered the significant risks of hiring private investigators, particularly unlicensed ones. From breaches of privacy laws to unreliable testimony and severe legal implications in sensitive cases like child custody and child support payments, these risks can have far-reaching consequences.

The key to mitigating these risks is carefully selecting the investigator you hire. Your due diligence can make all the difference to your case. Always look for reputable, experienced, and, most importantly, licensed investigators. They are bound by professional and legal standards, ensuring that they carry out their work ethically, efficiently, and discreetly while respecting the laws and your privacy.

Catching Spouse International is a beacon of professionalism in private investigations in Singapore. Comprising professional and licensed investigators, we are well-versed in the law’s intricacies and licensed by the SPF’s PLRD (Police Licensing & Regulatory Department) of Singapore, ensuring that all investigations are carried out legally and ethically.

Schedule a consultation today with the best private investigator in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Risks Of Hiring A Private Investigator

Are Private Investigators Worth It?

Private investigators are worth it because they can help clients solve various issues, such as catching a cheating spouse, locating missing persons, assisting in child custody cases, and investigating fraud. Their specialised skills and resources make them valuable assets in such situations.

Can A Private Investigator Find Anyone?

While not absolute, private investigators often have access to resources and databases that enable them to locate individuals, even those who’ve tried to disappear.

How Much Does A Private Investigator Cost In Singapore?

The cost of a private investigator in Singapore can vary significantly based on the nature and complexity of the case, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Can A Private Investigator Break In Someone’s Home?

No, private investigators cannot break into someone’s home. They must abide by all local laws and regulations, including trespassing and invasion of privacy.

How Do You Know A Private Investigator In Singapore Is Licensed?

You can verify a private investigator’s license in Singapore by checking with the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department, which licenses all professional investigators in the country.

Do Private Investigators Disguise Themselves?

Private investigators may use disguises or pretexts as part of their investigations if they do not infringe on any laws or ethical guidelines.

Are There Risks To Hiring Private Investigators In Child Custody Cases?

Yes, if a private investigator employs unethical or illegal strategies, it can adversely affect the outcome of the child custody case, leading to the potential loss of physical or legal custody.

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