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Finding the right private investigator in Singapore can be a crucial step in addressing personal or business matters that require discreet, professional inquiry. 

Whether you’re dealing with a sensitive personal issue, a legal matter, or a corporate investigation, selecting an experienced and trustworthy private investigator in Singapore is key to ensuring a successful outcome. 

This guide is designed to walk you through the process of finding a private investigator. With the right approach and knowledge, you can confidently choose a private investigator who meets your specific needs and provides reliable, effective results.

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What is a private investigator/detective in Singapore?

Private investigators (also known as private detectives) are professionals trained in analysis, surveillance and other investigative methods. While private investigators are not police officers, many have a background related to criminal justice.

To become a licensed private detective/investigator in Singapore, individuals need to complete specialised training. This training is mandatory for anyone seeking to work in this field.

Private investigators in Singapore may work for individuals privately or for businesses. Lawyers can also employ private investigators to find out more about a case.

What does a private investigator/detective do?

A private investigator may investigate a huge variety of activities. They use various methods such as interviewing people, reviewing public records, and employing surveillance technology. They must adhere to legal and ethical standards while conducting their investigations.

Not all private investigators do all of these things, so it is very crucial for you to find a private investigator with knowledge and expertise that is suitable for the job you want to do.

For a private investigator, a job typically includes:

  • Investigation of crime (Ie. in-house theft/home theft/home invasion)
  • Finding an individual (ie. missing person/long-lost relative)
  • Investigating an individual (ie. cheating spouse/partner spouse/partner)
  • Background checks on individuals (ie. potential new employee)
  • Surveillance / Monitoring (incl. GPS monitoring)
  • Case Research (for attorneys)

10 Easy Steps to find the best private investigator in Singapore

1. Get A Referral

It is highly likely that you will share personal information with your private investigator, so finding someone trustworthy is crucial. Conduct as much research as possible about the private investigator (and his agency). Call on recommendations from trusted friends and family. 

2. Check Online Presence

Check the agency’s online presence by visiting its website and social media accounts. Most of the time, top private investigators in Singapore have professional-looking, quality websites with good information. While having a well-done website is not a true indication of the capability of the private investigator and his agency, it definitely is a part of the bigger picture. See if their social media pages are delivering updated and good content. Being active and posting helpful information online indicates good interaction and engagement with the online community. Look out for reviews on platforms such as Yelp, Facebook, Instagram and Google. Choose an agency that works hard with its clients to establish its credibility and retain good standing.

3. Ensure Legitimacy

Top Singapore private investigators typically have offices or work under an agency. If the private detective only works online (ie. over the phone), it is not recommended that you hire him. The first step in proving that they are legitimate begins with you being able to find this person, just in case they do not follow through with their promises and obligations.

4. Verify License

One of the most crucial steps is to ensure that the private investigator has a license in Singapore. When you meet up with the private investigator of your choice, ask for a physical copy of the license. Verify that the license has been granted by the government. Check the name and expiration date of the license.

In Singapore, both the Private Security Industry Act and the related subsidiary laws govern the commercial practices of the private investigation industry. All private investigators and their respective agencies must be approved prior to being allowed to carry on a private investigation business. 

The Singapore Police Force sets out the operating terms here

5. Check for Insurance

Private investigation sometimes involves risks and unexpected incidents. If a private detective is liable for any damages or accidents during the course of their work, having insurance ensures that they can cover these liabilities without legal complications falling onto the client. That’s why it’s important to choose a private detective in Singapore who has insurance.

The top private investigators in Singapore are usually covered by insurance (ie. liability insurance etc.). Some agencies get up to a few million dollars insured.

6. Check References

Request for contactable references. Call and talk directly to the sources individually to obtain any relevant customer feedback, such as details on the results, the effectiveness, credibility, ethical principles of the investigator, ease of doing business, achievements/outcomes of the case etc.. 

You can also check to see what other experts have to say about the professional investigator’s agency. A bonus to those who have good reviews/recommendations from the legal counsel, who have bloggers writing positively about their experience, and whose agency publishes blogs and makes videos. This is an indication of their positive engagement with their customers and the public.

7. Ask for Resume

Ask the private detective to show you their resume. Check his job background for interactions important to your personal situation and needs. Look out for related military expertise, law enforcement, government agencies etc.. It is also important to check his educational background to see if he has studied related courses, such as criminal justice degrees, criminology, and forensic science, just to name a few. In addition, seek out certifications for specialised training and credentials for continuing education. 

Furthermore, request for the private investigator or his agency to show you examples of their past work experiences (ie. sample client reports, journal articles, successful cases etc.).

8. Discuss and Agree On Pricing

It is absolutely crucial that you are fully aware of the expense of hiring a private investigator. You have to agree on the upfront rates prior to hiring a private investigator. Discuss retainer requirements, hourly charges, flat fees, reimbursement of expenses, etc.. If you have connections to anyone in the past who has had experience in hiring a private investigator, ask them to quote what a good price would be.

Consult and settle on the services that you require from the private investigator. Inform him of your predicted outcomes. When both parties share a common understanding and a similar level of expectations, it is easier to gauge success and there is a much higher probability of both parties being pleased with the results. 

Note that in regards to performing a search (ie. for a missing person), it is considered a common procedure for certain private investigators to demand a “no-hit fee”, which means that they get paid even if they do not manage to locate the person you are searching for.

9. Discuss How Investigation Will Be Conducted

Review the sources, techniques and information strategies that may be used by the private investigator. Be mindful of any statements which are immoral or unethical. Although not all private investigators show their methods, it would be wise for you not to hire those who openly imply that they break the law. 

Remember to also talk about confidentiality. You will most likely be dealing with classified information while working with a private investigator and you need to make sure that your private investigator will be careful and respectful of information exchanged by you both.

10. Get A Contract

It is a good idea to have a signed contract stating all this. From the initial consultation with your private investigator, there should be an estimated cost outlined by her. Always ensure that the contract clearly specifies your costs and objectives before going through with the job.

So what should I do?

If you don’t feel like the private investigator is interacting well with you, or if you feel that he is very pushy in his ideas and does not listen to your needs, you should probably opt to work for another private investigator.

In addition, before hiring a private investigator, it is essential for you to be ready for whatever the private investigator may find out. You can harbour the hope that your suspicions may be proven wrong, but you should always prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario, particularly when it involves someone close to you. If you feel like you will not be able to handle it, it is not advisable to employ a private investigator just yet.

5 Important Qualities You Should Look Out For In A Private Detective/Investigator In Singapore

1. Communication skills

Private investigators must listen attentively and ask appropriate questions. They should also be able to converse well with their clients and have a clear understanding of their clients needs and wants. Most of all, they should be receptive to ideas or feedback from their clients.

2. Decision-Making Skills

Singapore private detectives cannot be indecisive — they should be able to think fast and make quick decisions, based on the minimal knowledge that they have at a given time.

3. Inquisitiveness

One of the qualities of Singapore’s best investigators is inquisitiveness. In order to uncover the truth, they will keep on asking questions.

4. Patience

Private inspectors can be required to spend lengthy periods of time waiting for another incident to happen. Investigations can last a very long time and sometimes, may even end up with no resolution.

5. Resourcefulness

Detectives must be creative and think of different (legal) study methods. Thet are always one step ahead and decide the next step towards their target. Often, the private detective has to try and predict their next move.

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Investigators/Detectives in Singapore

The cost of hiring private investigators in Singapore varies. The fees are usually based on the number of work hours stated in the contract agreement and whether it includes assignments abroad. For Cheating Spouse Singapore, our private investigator hire costs start from $300 onwards.

Depending on your preference, you can enter a private investigator training school remotely or at your choice of location. Once the requisite training programs for private investigating have been completed, you have to apply to obtain a private investigator license. You can become a private investigator in Singapore only after you’ve achieved the certification issued by the government.

If your intention of hiring a private investigator is to stalk and harass someone, it would be illegal, particularly if there is no contact order or protection order. However, if you are employing a private investigator because your significant other is having an affair, then it is definitely justified.

The private investigation field is extremely broad. Monitoring maids, employees, spouses, family members, and children are common investigations in Singapore. Trademark or copyright infringement corporate matters and general investigation to obtain evidence for civil/domestic or legal matters are common as well.

For starters, other than the physical tracking of movement, a private investigator can also install a bugging device in the spouse’s car and hack into his personal computer, accessing his social media and email accounts etc.

Yes. Professional private investigators have the ability to access and even recover text messages from a mobile phone, including previously deleted messages.


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If you are worrying and fearful that your spouse might be cheating, you need to find ways to put your mind at ease. The best suggestion is to get hold of the truth earlier to handle the situation. To know that a spouse is cheating can be devastating to some people, it is even worse to continue to let it happen. The safest recommendation is to hire a private investigator SG to find out whether your husband or wife is cheating.

Those who try to catch their spouse in the act of cheating, end up worsening the situation. Our elite private investigators are trained to handle infidelity cases with the utmost discretion. We have counterparts and operatives all over the world, which allow us to track your cheating spouse’s investigation wherever he or she might go.

Tell-tale signs of Cheating Spouses

Hire a private investigator in Singapore to conduct surveillance on your unfaithful husband or wife if you see any of the above suspicious behaviors:

  • Having frequent late nights, sudden increase of overtime or working over weekends/public holidays even though the nature of occupation does not require to do so.
  • Getting secretive over mobile phones, laptops, credit cards, bank accounts.
  • Spending much lesser quality time with own family.
  • Bad-tempered and gets worked up over trivial matter.
  • Any other suspicious behavior which appears you might have noticed

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